Best Small Generators For Camping!

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When it comes to camping, efficiency and portability are the two most important factors for the “smoothest”, most hassle-free trip. Being able to transport what is needed in the most space  saving, economical way is a must.

In other words, the lighter the better…..also the smaller the better. Most experienced campers know that a smaller generator will mean fewer headaches along the way. So we will cover the 2 Best Small Generators For Camping!

Honda EU 20001 generator


Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator!

Camping can be a very good bonding activity. Nothing beats being out in the woods with only the gentle quiet, a few friends, and the wilderness to keep you company. For modern comforts you simply cannot live without, a quiet camping generator like the Honda EU2000I with Inverter will do just the trick.

Any outdoor event like camping requires “careful preparation“. Being in a picturesque side of the forest or near a secluded lake can be quite challenging if you forget some bare essentials or don’t have the gear to make your stay comfortable. The Honda EU2000I is a bestseller in many stores and online shops. This generator comes with parallel cables, a storage cover and DC charging chord. You can purchase an anti-theft bracket and tele-light kit for this unit.

Built to run on 2000 watts, it is made to run a number of appliances for your convenience. It could power a 500-watt deep freezer and one element on an electric stove. You could also combine running a freezer, use a 650-watt microwave and a few lights in your camping spot. This quiet camping generator can be quiet reliable!

Item Specifications:

· Power: 2000 watts

· Weight: 46lbs

· Fuel Efficiency: 1 gallon of gas can be used in 8 hours

· Receptacles: 20A 125V Duplex

· Comes with an inverter

· Starting System: Recoil

· Noise Level: 59 dB

Stand Outs:

· Runs coffee pots, fridges, satellites and small appliances

· Light weight and can easily fit in a car or small compartment

· Super quiet

· Inverter produces stable power for computers and gadgets

· Power efficiency is good for overnight use

· Company offers good customer support





For those of you who haven’t seen this machine in its physical form, a small red dot is the only indicator that determines whether it is in a state overload or not. This can be difficult to spot for first-timers. Powering up can also be a challenge in itself as it requires a 75 degree pull.

Fortunately, Honda,”being so popular”, has the most extensive network of certified repair shops compared to other generator brands out there. If a problem does emerge with your Honda EU2000I unit, you can always be assured that your unit can get checked and repaired right away.

For it’s compact size and clean power, this quiet camping generator is one popular option. Nonetheless, if you do decide to purchase and stick with this unit, make sure to inspect and observe it’s performance in different situations. There have been repair cases where the product has been easily covered by it’s residential and commercial warranty.

Pay attention to the ease or difficulty during your first use, try using it for extended periods and try using it after weeks of no use. Results may vary for every person but if you are pleased with it’s performance and it’s compatibility with your lifestyle, then this is the right camping generator for you!




Yamaha Inverter Generator - EF2000IS

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 – 2000 Watts!

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is a modern portable generator that has the ability to power different kinds of appliances. This particular generator uses gas and is portable, consequently making it ideal for different outdoor uses such as camping.

The importance of this is that even while camping, one needs power for “different purposes” and this generator is able to provide the necessary power therefore making it amongst the best generators for camping. Some of the things that make it stand out include it’s features and specifications which are meant to help it provide sufficient power as a reliable generator.

Features and Specifications

This modern generator has an AC power output of 1600 watts and a 2000 watts AC output. It also has 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120v which means that it has sufficient power for most of the common appliances. It also comes with a USFS approved spark arrestor which works at 51.5 dBA at ¼ load.

This makes the generator safe because the chances of accidents happening are reduced significantly. The generator has been endowed with “smart throttle” which varies engine speed depending on load. This plays a significant role in enhancing fuel economy while at the same time reducing the noise produced. It also comes with an inverter system which has pulse width modulation (PWM) control therefore making using the generator more convenient.


The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 has a fuel tank capacity of 1.1 gallons which can run for approximately ten and a half hours. This is also an important feature for it ensures the generator can be relied on to remain operational for long hours. Its dimensions are 19.3 inches by 11.0 inches by 17.9 inches and its total weight is 44.1 pounds.

This makes it very portable so that it can be carried by almost anyone, and when stored it does not occupy a lot of space. To enhance its efficiency this Yamaha camping generator comes with an oil watch warming system which prevents the engine damage that might be caused by low oil. It also has an electrical overload breaker which prevents the generator from being damaged in case of overload.

This modern generator is rated among the “top generators”. It has a fuel gauge and gasoline petcock which shows the levels of fuel. This keeps one prepared in case the fuel levels are running low. It also has a decent EPA and CARB emission engine durability rating. The generator is also designed in a way that it only produces clean and high quality power!

This ensures that the power it produces does not affect the environment negatively. The generator also comes with “twin tech parallel generator operation” which allows two generators to be connected and therefore provide more power. Using the generator is simple for it comes with auto decompresse4d system which allows easy starting of the generator.

Stand Outs :

Very quiet operation where it produces low noise

Small in size but powerful therefore making it portable

Easy control where one is able to even see the fuel levels

Production of clean energy which does not affect the environment negatively

Long running time where it can be used for long hou


Final Verdict

It is evident that the “Yamaha EF2000iSv2” is an ideal generator for people going for outdoor activities such as camping. It has been fitted with modern and state of the art features that make it very reliable. Therefore, this particular generator is one of the top generators for camping mainly because of its superior features and portability!